Life update: I’ve been transitioning to Lockstep Labs, a new development firm that specializes in web and mobile applications for startups and high-growth tech companies. As a group of technologists, sought-after freelancers and entrepreneurs we’ve enjoyed the flexibility and excitement of building applications single handedly. We’ve lived and worked remotely all over the world, indulging in the work-on-the-beach-while-sipping-martinis lifestyle. It was awesome.

But the lone wolf engineer-for-hire lifestyle has some significant drawbacks. You generally work on smaller projects. You typically design and code in a vacuum, which limits the important idea cross-pollination of pair programming and team settings. And while you contribute to remote teams and meet other interesting freelancers, you never have the motivating sense of community, purpose and vision that forms inside a well run organization.

So that chapter is closing. I’m continuing to work on my own ventures and open source projects, but within the larger Lockstep context. We are starting an exciting project with a Y Combinator portfolio company that would have been too large for any of us individually, and we have a nice “Friday afternoon beers” tradition already taking shape. I’m thrilled to see where it takes me and the rest of the Lockstep team!