We’ve been busy at Lockstep and it seems that the human body doesn’t take kindly to extended periods of furious typing (especially in the genre of keys that Vim and Emacs encourage). A good balance of exercise and regular breaks will help, but sticking with the traditional keyboard approach (QWERTY on the desk) ignores other important options. I’m a fan of alternative keyboard configurations and Kinesis products but I thought I’d try a chair mounted version as well. Here is the latest iteration!

Mounted Keyboards

I’m happy so far; as long as you can touch-type your brain knows which keyboard to use automatically so the learning curve is negligible and I’ve noticed a huge decrease in wrist strain.

Mounted Keyboards 2

The left keyboard is on a pivot so it swings out of way when you want to get in and out.

Mounted Keyboards 3

Mounted Keyboards 4

This is actually version two, the proof of concept used tripods to stand up the keyboards so I could try it out with different chairs. Constantly bumping into the tripods and getting them placed just right was a huge pain.

Keyboard Tripod

The next iteration will include a mounted touch pad near the right keyboard, and I think the arm rests will need to be slightly wider. This version is a lot more practical than tripods but I’ve noticed that your elbows naturally want a wider berth than normal arm rests allow. Stay tuned for V3!