How-to screencasts often leave out the nitty-gritty and the “what’s next” when demonstrating TDD, Rails development or productivity tools. This is an unscripted/uncut feature implementation that let’s you see a real-life work flow if you are interested in learning test driven development, Ruby on Rails, or looking for ways to boost your own productivity.

Part 1

I introduce the goals and we get the basic CRUD happy cases out of the way. This is how I build every feature in my normal workflow so nothing is sugar-coated, embellished or expedited for the sake of “watchability” (for better or worse). There is even a “mystery” bug that shows up half-way through, so you can try to debug it with me and get a sense for my thought process in unexpected scenarios.

Part 2

We dive into some refactoring and corner cases, as well as some auth/permission checking via controller specs. This picks up exactly where we left off in Part 1.

Feel free to put any questions or feedback in the comments!