One of my recent posts got into some esoteric hypotheses about why many developers adopt inefficient development styles and practices, so I wanted to jump to the opposite side of the theory-practice spectrum and show a few ways I speed up my daily workflows.

I’m using Vim and working on a Rails project here but the intent is to show strategies that should be cross-platform and cross-editor—you’ll just have to figure out analogues to achieve the same thing if you aren’t using Vim on OSX.

I also want to note that none of this is novel so you’ve probably seen or heard of these tools, in which case this is just a nudge to use them if you aren’t already. Enjoy!

*Apparently ‘name’ is hard to type while talking, who knew?

Tools and Hotkeys Mentioned

  • OSX Spotlight to open applications
  • Divvy to manage windows
  • Zsh as an alternative to a Bash shell
  • CDPATH to navigate into project directories quickly
  • Aliases for common terminal commands (you can find mine in my dotfiles)
  • ctrlp to navigate within projects
  • New windows by movement in Vim
  • Rails file navigation (e.g. :A to jump into a test file) in Vim
  • Snippets with snipmate
  • Full line completion with supertab
  • Run tests from Vim with vim-rspec

Update: New Screencast

If you enjoyed this screencast, check out Quick and Dirty Vim Macros!